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Generation Sex

Millions of fans have done it… so have rock stars and celebrities from Aerosmith to Sarah Bernhard. They’ve tuned in to the popular show LovePhones, and the advice of popular radio talk show host, psychologist and sex therapist Dr. Judy Kuriansky, as she took on the hottest questions on the subject that’s on everyone’s mind. In nearly 700 pages of riveting questions — as if the voices of the callers are jumping off the page — get the most complete, wise and even entertaining answers about the facts and feelings. LovePhones fans will LOVE this book as it brings to life one of the most popular shows in radio history, on stations across the country.

But anyone will love reading this book, as the ultimate record of intimate questions and answers, that will amaze, astonish and amuse you. Be prepared to learn what no other book ever teaches you, or in the style unique to Dr. Judy. Favorite chapters have been “Turn Slacker Sex into New Rave Sex,” and “Am I A Freak?” Also, mind trips and his and her love style.

Generation Sex is more jam-packed with information that you will be riveted. Other books focus on what Dr. Judy covers in just one page — that’s how filled with advice and love tips this book is.

The price is right: just $5.99 — for so much education and entertainment! Get your copy and buy some for your friends as gifts. They will be forever grateful!

LovePhones had a loyal teen following, so find out what’s on young people’s minds… But “Generation Sex” advice appeals to all ages.

Get answers to questions like:

“Dr. Judy, I can’t get a date, what’s wrong with me?”
“I want it do it five times a day, is that too much?”
”I think about sex with aliens, am I sick?”
”Is eatin’ cheatin’?”
“Is it true you can’t get pregnant unless you have an orgasm?
With her finger on the pulse of the most pressing and hottest questions, Dr. Judy present her unique techniques and secrets for better sex and self-esteem, like:

• Ten ways to spice up slacker sex
• The two new golden rules for sex
• The 3 R’s to rule your sex life
• What the new man wants in sex
• Combating sexual betrayal
• What to do about sex buddies
• What turns rock stars on?
• How to find her — and his — G spots
• The Madonna-Whore Syndrome and the Daddy-Don Juan Syndrome
• Four steps to solve any sexual problem

An extensive study of over 3,000 callers and listeners to New York Z100’s LovePhones show revealed that 4 out of 10 young men and women are worried about, are searching for, more information about their relationship — who they are attracted to and why, their dating habits, being rejected, and how to deal with love addiction and love shock. Another 4 out of 10 callers have specific sex worries: concern about body parts, performance problems, should I or shouldn’t I do whatever, and even sexually transmitted diseases.

In Generation Sex read about
The 3 Big Bad B’s:

• Sexual betrayal: one of the biggest problems, for which Dr. Judy says there are not excuses, “things don’t just happen.” Take responsibility for your actions and have respect for others.

• Sexual blackmail: as a disturbing new trend sweeps the nation, young people are being blackmailed into having sex (“If you don’t have sex with me, I’m going to tell your parents what you did.”)

• Sexual bribes: A newly recognized tend where guys are bribing gals into having more sex (“If you give it to me, I’ll take you out…”) but reneging on the deal. What to do?)

And more:
• After Sex Addiction: a newly recognized phenomenon where young people get so attracted to a person they had sex with — especially their “first” -- that they stay in the relationship even though it’s bad. How do you give that person up?

• Sex buddies: young people beset with problems with their own girlfriend or boyfriend are finding themselves turned on to and having sex with their best friend, and those friends want more than friendship.

• Devil worship: young people forge their own sexual revolution by incorporating devil worship and witchcraft onto their sexual practices.

• Threesome sex. There’s no such thing as a third wheel as threesomes become a modern obsession.

• Cyber sex: Computer cables are heating up as people use their computers to hook up, and students log on and type more than just school papers.

• Born Again Virgins: For those who regret “giving it up,” you can regain control of your sexuality and declare that you’re a ‘second virgin.”

“Am I A Freak?” Chances are if you’ve done it, someone else has to. You’re not alone. Young people are getting into more wild and weird sex practices.

Some questions may ruffle other’s feathers, but Dr. Judy takes them on, along with Hollywood celebrities and major rock and rollers how served as “Honorary Love Doctors” on the radio show, and shared their experienced and advice: Should you have sex in an elevator? Aerosmith Steven Tyler tells. How do you turn a woman on? Van Halen’s Sammy Hagar instructs. What makes a guy sexy? Sheryl Crow defines.

At a time when to appears no sexual stone has been left unturned, Generation Sex details many alarming and true life situations who thinks a girl can’t get pregnant unless she has an orgasm; Jason who believes you can’t have orgasm until you’re eighteen; and Jessica who has sex with half the fraternity because she feels fat and unwanted. A clear indication of the need for ongoing sexual evolution and education, Generation Sex offers guidance and support to millions who don’t know where else to turn with their most intimate questions and awkward doubts.

Generation Sex may flush a few cheeks but will certainly inspire many souls as Dr. Judy offers support to troubled teens, encouragement of partners and parents and kids to talk together, and enlightenment to all about what’s going on in today’s society and about sex.

An uninhibited as Madonna, as fun as Letterman and as smart as Larry King, Dr. Judy has been the talk of every campus and household, from the LovePhones radio show, frequent TV appearances, newspaper columns and lectures. Dr. Judy is a well-respected license clinical psychologist and media personality who is a former rock musician, who played bass and sang in a band of sex women called Artemis, Band of Women — that made her uniquely suited to host the LovePhones radio show on music stations round the country, and to talk to rock stars about their most intimate thoughts and feelings.

What LovePhones’ honorary celebrity Love Doctors have advised:
About Sexual Turn-ons:
Gilby Clarke, Guns 'n' Roses: "I like thin girls who are funny, and hooters, they gotta have 'em."
Steven Tyler, Aerosmith: "I have a thing for girls who just strut their stuff “
Sammy Hagar, Van Halen: "A beautiful face is wonderful, obviously that walking down the street. And then a nice body, like what I call 'two fingers' be thighs..."
Salt-n-Pepa: "Wine and dine me, talk to me after and before."
Vince Neil, formerly of Motley Crue: "Legs are important too, and conversation comes into it somewhere."
Bret Michaels, Poison: "Magnetism, personality, beautiful eyes and shoulders, and nice supple breasts." (Formerly dated Pamela Anderson of Bay Watch)
Richie Sambora, Bon Jovi: "Good looks, with a personality shining through; sense of humor, intelligence." (Now married to Heather Locklear)
David Lee Roth: "Smarts, humor, fury."

Ask The Honorary Celebrity Love Doctors...
Generation Sex readers learn how Love Phones' Honorary Celebrity Love Doctors answer callers' pressing questions:

Q: My girlfriend is a virgin and she wants me to pretend to rape her to lose her virginity. Should I do it?”
A. Debbie Gibson: "Don't do it. It means she's not ready. She can wait."

Q. I'm 23 years old and dating a woman I really love for six years but now she's pressuring me to get engaged and married. I want to finish my education first and have a financial base."
A. Peter Klett, Candlebox: "She needs to respect you for that. Look into her need to be married. Emotionally I wasn't mature enough for marriage when I was in your situation. I'd watch Kevin's relationships and see him argue with them because either he or they were insecure. Think about it, take some time away from one another."

Q: "I've been seeing this girl for about five months and I'm really crazy about her. The problem is, she's Jewish and I'm not, and her father's adamant about her dating someone of her own religion."
A. Sheryl Crow: "She should have a little faith that her parents are going to like you. In this era, people gotta start accepting you. I'm sure he loves his daughter enough to want her to be happy. "

Q: "I masturbate a lot --three or four times a day. I'm going out with this girl and she tries to masturbate me or give me oral sex, I can't get off, only if I have my hand on top of hers. Then my leg shakes and I feel funny."
A. Gary Cherone, Extreme: "I would suggest you quit masturbating for a while. Then you're with her, you might be a little more excited."

Q: "When we have sex my boyfriend ties me up and gets violent, slapping me around, I say stop and he says he's sorry but keeps at it next time."
A. Salt-n-Pepa: "Tell your boyfriend 'we're not going to play this game anymore. You're not under pressure to please your man. He has to respect you. Put your foot down."

Q: "What can I do about my sexual fantasies which involve sadomasochism?"
A. Evan Dando, Lemonheads: "You can use help to tone down your fantasies. You must want to be violently quelled by a woman. You must have been bossed by women too much --beyond the point where you can't take it anymore. My one piece of advice to you is to go to a brick wall, take a whole case of empty beer bottles and throw them one by one against the wall and then sweep them up. You won't hurt anyone."

Q. "My sister and I have had sex. She's 26 and I'm 19, but I'm engaged to someone else. What should I do?"
A. Graham Coxon, Blur: "Break it off. Something inside you has to say no. If you do that to your sister, you're likely to do it if you have a daughter or something like that."

Q. "When my girlfriend gets PMS, I try to kiss her and she says, 'Get away, I'm in a bad mood.' It's gotten worse since we had our daughter two years ago. What's wrong?"
A. Sean Young:
"I never really noticed that much about myself until I started studying my period in order to get pregnant. I know when I'm supposed to ovulate and I started to notice the three days that I wanted to kill my husband happened every time before my period. Three days before or sometimes on my period I would get like, 'You never do enough around the house!' Or really irritable. There is for me a definite connection."