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The Complete Idiots Guide to Tantric Sex

Would you like lovemaking to last and last? Want to experience ecstasy, but ready to be more intimate and even reach heights of enlightenment?
Then you’re ready for tantric sex.

Tantric sex has a reputation -- that sex can last for 8 hours. After all, superstar Sting has publicly told of how this works for him. Yes, it is a method of achieving ecstasy. But one of the most important things you’ll discover in The Complete Idiots Guide to Tantric Sex is that tantric sex is much more than sex — it is a way to create deep and intense intimacy. It is about using sexual energy to create more love — something we all need and want -- and having sacred sex as a means to sacred love. And it’s a set of practices that brings inner peace — that makes outer peace possible. A lofty goal — but true!

Tantra is not a religion, nor a cult, but ancient practices from 5,000 years ago that started in India and traveled to Nepal and China, and are now being revived by counselors in the West who are teaching them to thousands of American men, women and couples. The practices center on using the breath to cycle energy thorough the body, into a loved one to create deeper intimacy, and then available to send toward the broader universe for creating tolerance and peace.

Tantric sex is a way of life whose time has come. In this book you’ll learn fun and exciting techniques to expand your capacity to love. You’ll be guided through the basics you need to know to practice this profound way of loving—and some advanced techniques, too! You’ll learn specific tools that you can put into practice right away that will work for you, no matter your path, religion or culture. You’ll see—these practices will immediately infuse you with new peace, insight, and joy, more bliss and even enlightenment.

The chapters in this book are divided into six parts that take you through the practices of tantric sex and how you can integrate them into your life.

Part 1, “An Introduction to Tantric Sex: The Path to Sacred Loving,” gives you the basics you need to know about tantric sex and how these ancient practices from the East can work now, in the West. Five chapters teach you how to breathe, where your energy centers are, how to truly honor yourself and your partner, compassionate communication skills, and how to prepare for a union of male and female divinity.

Learn how the West is reviving and embracing ancient Eastern techniques, the 12 benefits of tantric sex, how sex is energy more than activity. Tantra and tantric sex as a pathway to love, sacred sex, transformation, healing, and bliss. How the West is reviving and embracing ancient Eastern techniques. The benefits of tantric sex. Do opposites attract?

The Basics of Yes, Yin Yang, Yoni, and Yab Yum. Sex as energy not activity. Now, how do you activate and use it? Achieving balance and union of opposites. Do opposites attract? The love position of yab yum. Learn new terms and techniques and a new position, to honor your love. Also, how to talk tantric style during sex. New ways to breathe your way to bliss. How energy centers in your body bring you to transformation. Creating the inner flute and using your third eye. Symbols and sounds that help your practice to bring bliss.

Awaken and worship the God and Goddess within you. You are a divine being! Getting to know the ancient deities and finding the god and goddess in you and your partner.

Part 2, “Getting Started in Sacred Sex,” tells you exactly what to do to turn your home, your inner self, and your body into a sacred temple and a clear channel for experiencing bliss. Five chapters give you specific things to do to set the stage for your tantra dates, and practices for beloveds to reach bliss. Do the mirror exercise and love muscle workouts. Learn techniques to control your energy, like the sacrum tap and chakra thump, and basic practices for beloveds to reach bliss like making time for lovemaking and preparing your space for nights of pleasure. The couple’s morning blessing. How to dedicate your lovemaking and set intentions, and stimulate your senses. Seven ways to balance male and female energies. How to break through blocks to bliss and solve problems like anger, battles over control and fears of separation. Let go of past abuse through emotional release and purge panic to become free to experience love.

Part 3, “Making Major Progress on the Path to Ecstasy,” shows you exactly what to do to give each other the best nights ever of bliss. These five chapters give specific steps on how to please each other in the temple of love, and move energy for delight and spiritual growth. The value of taking turns. How to make her night different from all other nights. The Date Checklist. Boudoir basics to please her. Six promises to make to your Goddess. Getting her to relax and moving her energy. When love and love liquid flows. What women want most. A checklist to prepare for his best nights ever. The four R’s to please him: relax, relieve, reassure, reward. What to do and say on the first night and beyond. Helping him surrender to love and pleasure. Secrets to arouse his passion with exciting ways to stimulate his lingam and God spots.

Approach sex, the sexual response cycle, and orgasm in a new way. The ooo-ahh path to passion and different types of orgam -- the total body orgasm, cosmorgasm, mega-orgasm and the power of the TTO, the tantric transformative orgasm. Connect sex energy to love energy. Overcome myths about lasting longer. How to truly make lovemaking last and learn ejaculation control. Exciting new routines for physical activities to do together, including yoga poses, new dancing trends, and workouts.

Part 4, “Going Deeper: Tantric Aids and Techniques for More Love and Better Sex,” gives you four chapters with specific fun things to do together. Games, toys and gifts lovers can share and fun ways to enjoy connecting. How to achieve sex magic. Advanced techniques to tune in to each other, like rituals for timeless love, poses, lovemaking positions, oral techniques, and pleasuring new erogenous zones to bring in divine energy, and tuning in to vibes that create more intimacy. Special sexual healing to heal hurts, rebuild trust, and release joy. The value of stimulating eyes and ears in sacred sex, and CDs and DVD technology that complement your tantric mood.

Part 5, “Dating and Mating Tantra Style,” presents the issues in relationships on the tantric path. These three chapters help you find the mate you’re looking for if you’re single; and if you’re in relationship, you’ll learn how to handle differences in your desires, and how to create the most memorable and sacred celebrations you can ever imagine. Learn how to do conscious flirting, where to go to meet your tantric match, find your soul mate, bring in the beloved, and celebrate your love in the highest manner imaginable. How you are the beloved. What to do when you are enthused about the tantric path but your partner doesn’t share your interest. Energy boosters and how to survive affairs and differences, and get back on a loving track.

Part 6, “Tantra for Everybody in the New Millennium,” addresses ways to integrate tantra into your life. In these four chapters, you’ll learn how tantra can enrich your life no matter what your age, lifestyle, or relationships status; how to harness this new loving energy; and how to create a strong healing force for you, your beloveds, and the planet. Learn about tantra as a fountain of youth, 7 keys to happier life transitions through tantric love, sensory training for kids and parents. How tantra is helpful in mid life and menopause. How college kids and teens are taking to tantra. The techniques of tantra to raise healthier kids. Lasting love for seemingly odd couples. The pros and cons of cybertantra. Deciding which path is good for you. What to ask about workshops, and ways to keep your tantric practice going. Retreats, gatherings and the new trend of exotic escapes. How a tantric lifestyle works regardless of your situation or relationship status. The new tantric sex workshops for gay men. The healing force of tantric sex in illness, disability, racial tensions, generational tensions, teen sex, abuse, and drug use. How you are not alone: creating tantric community and family. New hope to help heal the world and create tolerance and peace— inner peace, peace between beloveds and peace in the world!

In addition, you’ll find three helpful appendixes: a glossary of tantric terms, resources to learn and experience more, including tantric workshops, and tantric tools.

Take quizzes to test if you are ready for tantra and how to identify your goddess and god identity. Test your sex relations and reactions to long lovemaking. Fill out the energy booster checklist.

Also, there are so many useful and fun exercises so you can immediately put into practice. For example:

Do the mirror exercise and love muscle workouts. Amp up or damp down your energy to relax or activate. Dance up an energy storm and get your pelvis moving. Keep your tantric love calendar. Fill out your tantric date plan. A checklist to prepare the ‘best night ever’ for your him and her. How to do the eye lock and heart tap. The ten-minute connect. The yoni show. The Shiva massage. Ways to synchronize your energy. Emotional release to let go of past pain. Seven ways to balance male and female energies. Promises to make your beloved. The steps to ejaculation control. Games that lovers share, like thehand dance and body feast. Bedroom bodybuilding and couple connects.

What people are saying about Dr. Judy’s speeches, workshops, and seminars on The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Tantric Sex:

“Dr. Judy is a gifted therapist and writer. In this important book, Dr. Judy provides us with clear, easy to understand concepts and techniques of tantra. Learn to practice them well and you will become a master in the art of love."

--Charles Muir, Director, Source School of Tantra, Maui, Hawaii

“Dr. Judy is uniquely qualified to be a major tantric communicator. Through her studies and research, her writings, her years on radio and in the media, she knows her subject well.”
--Bodhi Avinasha, Founder of Tantrika International and author of Jewel in the Lotus

The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Tantric Sex is an empowering, satisfying, beautifully written book on sexuality today.”
--B.Courtney, contractor, California

“Dr. Judy’s new book on tantric sex is a wonderful act of service for the world and presents an impressive unified view of tantra as it is practiced and taught today, offering a wealth of techniques and opportunities to individuals and couples to integrate sex and consciousness.”
--Antoinette Asimus, executive director, Tantrika International

“This is the definitive book on tantra. Dr. Judy has included it all. What a great work and what a pleasure to read it.”
--Laurie Handlers, co-founder, Butterfly Workshops

“I learned more from Dr. Judy’s lectures than any other experience. I am forever transformed. She taught with brilliance, sensitivity—and made it so much fun. We cried and laughed!”
--Student in New York tantra seminar

“The audience was riveted to Dr. Judy’s keynote address at our event. It was full of fascinating information and really good humor and got us all out of our chair! Everyone wants her back!”
--Texas executive, program chair

“Dr. Judy gave us rich information and we loved how she teaches, very unique. It changed my way of work and my way in my marriage.”
--Medical doctor in training class in China

“Dr. Judy changed my life in such a short time. She gets right to the core of the problem and really cares.”
--Janine, radio listener

Decide to make love and your life the best it can be. Experience magic and deep intimacy. You’ll be eternally glad you did.